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Surge MedTech are leading providers of specialist software aimed at enhancing the patient safety in prehospital and inter-hospital care.

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What sets us apart?

Our range of prehospital and inter-hospital solutions have been developed in close partnership with leading air ambulance and critical care transfer teams. Everything we do is geared towards making our solutions as easy and efficient to use as possible so customers can spend more time being hands-on with the patient. Intuitive data capture and digital patient observation recording allows for fast handovers and the best level of patient safety and care. 

We’ve helped many organisations move away from a paper-based approach to a digital set up with electronic personal record forms. Having electronic records makes auditing and reporting for clinical governance a faster, cheaper and more accurate process when compared to a paper-based approach. 

Our software has been described by the Care Quality Commission as “an example of outstanding practice that can be used to monitor and improve service provision.” 

We are G-Cloud 12 approved and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Below are a few more reasons why Surge MedTech should be your software partner of choice:

Developed in collaboration with industry experts

Unlike other solutions our software isn’t developed in isolation from our customers. We work daily with our customers, who are experts in their fields, to constantly evolve our ARCEMS and ARCCTS products. We also run a User Forum that brings our customers together to share ideas and best practice.

These relationships enable us to have unrivalled insight into their specific requirements so that we can reflect this in our products. This has allowed us to create our industry leading air ambulance HEMS software and critical care transfer software.

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Unbeatable compliance

From working closely with our customers we know how vital it is that they can accurately and efficiently provide evidence and data internally, to Clinical Commissioning Groups and Care Quality Commissions. 

With our products, every intervention, drug used, dosage amount and more is stored and time stamped down to an individual patient level giving a complete picture of team activity and how patient care was delivered. All of this data can be found and extracted fast from our system and also used to aid future learning and care improvements.

Photo of a laptop showing compliance data
Care Quality Commission Logo

ARCEMS® is an example of outstanding practice that can be used to monitor and improve service provision.

Care Quality Commission

The highest levels of security

Not only are our solutions quick to deploy, our customers also get the best protection for their data. Secure encryptions and password protection comes as standard and our cloud based servers fully comply with all data privacy requirements. 

Administrators can control which users are authorised to access, edit and view specific data, and any lost devices can be remotely wiped in seconds.

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Built for both online and offline mobility

Our customers get a web based browser version and a native iOS App. The app gives our customers the ability to work anywhere and also provides offline working, which others on the market don’t offer. So if our customers lose their internet connection they won’t lose any patient, mission or transfer data.

Our systems also offer mapping and GPS functionality which allows tracking of a team’s location in real-time.

HEMS paramedic using ARCEMS in a helicopter

The best support & after sales care

Our customers are provided with a 5-star service from our team of software experts. We’re on hand to help everyone get the most out of our software and are available via phone, email and live chat. 

But our support doesn’t end there; we also provide a dedicated help site with comprehensive video training to get users quickly up and running and a User Forum where they can chat with their peers.

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