Summer Offer

✓ SAVE UP TO £35,000

Photo of an air ambulance and an ambulance

We recognise that many Air Ambulance Services, charities and medical organisations have been severely financially challenged due to the COVID Pandemic, which has affected fundraising efforts.

Surge MedTech are keen to help out and find ways to enable customers to benefit from our software in a commercially viable way.

This includes:

    • No upfront implementation fees (something other services charge between £15,000 and £20,000 for)
    • We are also offering a total of 6 Months of Service and Support at no cost.
    • This all equates to a saving of up £35,000 for your service.

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Key Benefits

Easy to use EPRF system
User mobility via our iPad App
Offline data capture capability
Clinical governance made easy with a powerful reports
Fast searching and retrieval of data
Secure data encryption
Respond faster to emergencies with our intuitive forms
Efficient patient handovers

ARCEMS shown on an iPad