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ARCEMS is our software platform that allows HEMS teams to securely and easily complete prehospital patient care records anywhere, maximising patient safety. It gives our customers everything required for comprehensive and accurate compliance, reporting and auditing. Our solution can be accessed via web-browsers and our native iOS App.

React fast

We put patient safety and care first, giving  our customers the tools to react quickly to an incident. We’ve made it easy to see the current location and availability of your teams  so deployment can be quick and effective. . We also integrate with your Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) instantly showing incident details in ARCEMS.

Our software gives you a complete accurate timeline of any incident from start to finish; including response times, team members involved, details of clinical interventions and more.

iPad showing a new incident being raised in ARCEMS

Intuitive data capture with offline capability

We know that every second counts for your HEMS teams, so we have designed our system to make data entry as efficient as possible via intuitive forms. Using our cloud-based native iOS App, users can complete electronic patient care records (aka EPRFs) anywhere.  

Having ARCEMS means every piece of data you enter regardless of whether you are working on or offline is safely recorded and compliant. This gives you a complete and accurate record of each deployment unlike any other web-based transfer systems which require a network connection.

Adding a patient care record (EPRF) on an iPad

Digital patient observation recording

Using our patient survey tool, primary and secondary observations can be recorded before, during and after an incident. We’ve made them easy to complete so you can spend more clinical time with your patients. Details of any injuries, illnesses, interventions, observations and drugs administered are recorded and plotted onto a visual body map. Historical patient records can be searched and added to give you a complete patient overview providing the best patient safety and compliance. 

Additionally, our intuitive forms help eliminate instances of human error by preventing  information being entered outside of expected parameters.

iPad showing details of a patient observation within the ARCEMS software
Tim West, GNAAS Paramedic

One of the other best things is the ability to be able to audit really quickly as the data is there on tap, so as a clinician it helps save us a lot of time. ARCEMS has made quality assurance a less arduous task and has helped with compliance.

Tim West, HEMS Paramedic at Great North Air Ambulance Service

Seamless handovers

When your air ambulance team reaches its definitive clinical destination, the process of handing over all of the recorded information is made simple with ARCEMS. 

Once the receiving clinician approves the EPCR and adds in any final notes (which can also be dictated using speech-to-text functionality) it locks the record. A PDF can then be created and emailed or printed out. This contains clinical details that the team recorded during the incident, which ensures a fast and clear flow of vital patient information from clinician to clinician.

Handover PDF screen on an iPad

Compliance & Reporting

All of the recorded patient data is time-stamped in ARCEMS to provide full auditable compliance of patient records. This enables fast accurate retrieval of patient  information to provide data, assurance and evidence for internal reporting, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Care Quality Commissions. 

Users also benefit from a powerful range of reporting formats to showcase vital clinical data e.g. response times, drug administration, stock levels, number of interventions performed etc. This data can be used to enhance a clinicians learning e.g. for KPI’s or individual competency compliance checks. All of ARCEMS reports can also be extracted into a csv file with just a few clicks.  

Reporting and compliance features of ARCEMS shown on a laptop.

Total medicine management

With ARCEMS you can manage your organisation’s medicines to give you an overall picture using the data to continuously improve care. 

All uses of drugs are recorded to an individual patient level and the system will check stock levels to ensure you have enough in-date supplies. This includes the logging of all deliveries and comprehensive batch management tools such as stock levels monitoring.

Photo of drug and medicine management within ARCEMS on a laptop

More features which make ARCEMS essential for your HEMS crew:

Personal compliance icon in blue

Personal Compliance

ARCEMS provides individual clinician’s the evidence they need for their own professional compliance levels.

Dashboard icon in blue


A central hub which shows that day’s activities, which resources/vehicles are online and which crew members are assigned to each base.

Customisation icon in blue


Administrators can fully configure a wide range of categories so ARCEMS is set up with your requirements with everyone talking the same language.

Globe icon in blue

Mapping & Asset Location

Air ambulance teams can pinpoint destinations and access the Hospital Capability Database to communicate with the definitive clinical destination.

Calendar icon in blue

Calendar View

Acts as a central team diary. Any occurrences where members of a team may be unavailable are recorded and details of any drugs expiring are also shown in the calendar view.

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