How Surge MedTech Is Helping Critical Care Transfer Teams

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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an increased demand on critical care patient transfer services across the UK with patients needing to be moved from key areas to prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed in key geographic locations. From September 2020 to March 2021 there were 2,300 intensive-care patients moved between UK hospitals which represented a year-on-year increase of 191.5% (Source:

Surge MedTech’s ARCCTS software was developed during the pandemic to help customers with the following:

    • Record electronically patient records and move away from paper-based systems.
    • Record details of any interventions or drugs administered to a patient during a transfer. This information is then visually plotted on a body map and available in a secure handover PDF once the transfer is completed.
    • Capture all data even when working offline – due to internet connections dropping out during a transfer.
    • Provide a comprehensive compliance solution with simple and fast access for customers to view and extract all data recorded in order to make the clinical governance side of things easier.

We spoke with Dr Scott Grier, National Critical Care Transfer Lead, NHS England / NHS Improvement to find out how he felt ARCCTS has helped during such a busy time.

“We are one of the first Adult Critical Care Transfer Services in England, launched on 2nd November 2020. The service is paperless, utilising the ARCCTS system provided by Surge. Working together with Surge since spring 2020, ARCCTS has grown and evolved to become a dedicated database and patient record system, accessed via both web and iPad portals.

“ARCCTS has been instrumental to both our delivery and ongoing development including our ability to rapidly access patient-level information about our transfers and operational activity has been key in monitoring real-time activity, facilitating our clinical governance by allowing us to view and interrogate all clinical records and enabling us to accurately track and audit our work, informing the next steps of our service development.

“Throughout the development, launch and operational use of ARCCTS, Surge have been responsive, flexible and understanding of our needs. At times of significant pressure on our service during the recent pandemic wave, their support was an important part of our service’s ability to deliver critical care transfer to patients in the South West and beyond.”

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