The Benefits Of Choosing A G-Cloud 12 Approved Software Provider

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Deciding which software is best suited to your organisation can be tough and due to the sheer volume of options available it can be a time consuming process.

However, if you are a public sector company e.g. an NHS Trust the Government’s G-Cloud directory means that choosing a suitable supplier is a lot easier. As all companies listed on the directory are required to pass initial and on-going accreditation standards you get the peace of mind that all suppliers listed are reputable and reliable. Essentially someone else has done the hard work for you and carried all the necessary checks and due diligence.

But the benefits of choosing a G-Cloud approved software solution don’t end there.

Say Goodbye To Prolonged Tender Processes

Due to companies being Government approved it means there is no requirement to enter into a traditional tendering process. Usually these take up a lot of time and end up costing you money due to having to use a lot of your own resources to facilitate the process.

With G-Cloud approved companies you can enter into individual procurement contracts which ultimately leads to a faster deployment of the solution you need.


Using the G-Cloud directory to select a provider also gives you clarity over various aspects of how you will work together alongside the software provider.

On every profile page on the G-Cloud site you will find details on areas such as service constraints, system requirements, user support and security governance all the way through to what will happen to your data when the contract ends. This let’s you see clearly what to expect during the relationship.

Proudly G-Cloud Accredited

Our software is G-Cloud 12 approved and it is something we are proud of as it means due to the reasons mentioned above we are able to provide our customers with exceptional service levels.

Being able to save our customers money, many of whom are charities reliant solely on donations, by not having to go through long tendering processes allows them to get up and running with ARCEMS and ARCCTS fast without an unnecessary extra costs.

You can view our G-Cloud profile page here and request a demo of one of our products via the form below.

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