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Today we’re kicking off a special mini series of blogs which takes a closer look at some of the great functionality available with our software. Through reading these blogs (and watching the video blogs) you’ll get a good idea of the great ways our software could benefit your organisation.

To kick things off, we’re going to take a look at our Patient Surveys & Observations feature.

A Complete Record

During a deployment or patient transfer/retrieval, being able to accurately record exactly what interactions you had with a patient is key. This allows you to know exactly what has happened so you can handover the patient in a fast and reliable manner. You can also report on this data at a later date for clinical governance purposes.

Within our ARCEMS and ARCCTS software platforms we’ve made it easy for users to quickly record this data. Let’s take a look at the different types of data you can record.

Injuries, Illnesses and Interventions

When treating a patient in an ambulance or helicopter our users can record details of any injuries, illnesses and interventions directly into our app. This app allows users to input data on their touchscreen tablets and as it’s a native app it means it will work even when you’re offline.

It’s very simple to record this data. Just click the add button and fill out the short form as shown below (this example shows a fracture to the lower right arm). Customisable drop down lists make the entering of this information fast and consistent. If you need to record more than one injury, illness or intervention simply click ‘Submit & Add Another.’

Adding an injury screenshot

This is then plotted onto a visual body map, which gives you a great visual reference of the patient’s condition. Next all you need to do is save the survey and this information is stored and time stamped, which is essential for future auditing. It also means you only need to do it once, whereas with paper records you need to write your notes while treating a patient and then this information needs to be rekeyed later on into your database so it can be reported on. (Read about more problems with paper-based systems here).

Body map showing injury details


Drugs Administered

You can also record details of any drugs you administer to a patient including the dosage and the exact time it was given.

We’ve made this nice and easy to record, with users simply needing to select the drug from a drop down list (again this is fully customisable), then enter the time and the dosage amount as shown. Finally simply record details of any further drugs administered or if not relevant click ‘Save Selected Survey’ and you’re done.

Recording a drug administered


Monitor Integrations & Observations

Another effective way we give paramedics more hands-on time with patients is to connect patient monitors directly to our software.

This gives teams the reassurance that all vital patient observation readings are automatically and accurately being recorded. Even if the internet connection drops during a flight, transfer or retrieval, the data will still be recorded due to our offline capability.

Integration with monitors like the Zoll X Series (via Bluetooth) lets paramedics say goodbye to the days of scribbling down patient observation readings on the back of blue gloves or bits of paper during a transport. Just connect the monitor and we’ll take care of the recording for you.

Zoll monitor and iPad showing the patient readings being pulled through into ARCEMS and ARCCTS software

For those not using patient monitors like these, we also provide the ability to manually record patient observations. This is done using our intuitive observation table within the Survey section. This also contains a feature which will alert users should any observation data entered be outside of the expected parameters (see below) so they can go back and review the data and change anything which isn’t right. This is another way we’re helping our customers ensure they are recording the most accurate data possible.

Invalid data warning


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I hope you have found this blog useful and if you’d like to find out more about our software solutions ARCEMS and ARCCTS be sure to check out our other blogs or get in touch with us via the form below to arrange a free no obligation demo.

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