Let’s Get Integrated! EPR & Monitor Integrations

Zoll monitor and iPad showing the patient readings being pulled through into ARCEMS and ARCCTS software

The more time an air ambulance paramedic or a member of a critical care transfer team can spend with their patient the better. Time spent writing up notes means less hands-on time with the patient, providing the best levels of care.

So how can services maximise the amount of hands-on patient time?

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to adopt an EPR solution which comes with the capability to integrate with patient monitors and defibrillators such as a Zoll.

Peace of Mind

Connecting a patient’s monitoring device up to your EPR software gives you two key benefits:

  1. More patient time
  2. Accurate recording for peace of mind

Once you hook your monitor up to the EPR system all key patient data is automatically recorded and time stamped giving you an accurate log. This data can be then passed on during a patient handover and also used for all clinical governance reporting and auditing.

We know that due to the busy nature of treating a patient in a helicopter or the back of an ambulance it can be hard to have time to accurately complete the necessary paperwork. With monitor integrations this can become a thing of the past and give teams peace of mind knowing that everything is being recorded. So there is no need to scribble down observations onto the back of your blue gloves with a biro which is often done out of necessity.

The accuracy that a monitor integration offers at both a service-wide and individual clinician level is unrivalled. It also saves you time as the readings are saved instantly meaning there is no need for any rekeying of the observation data later on.

Connecting With Surge

Monitor integrations are available with both of our key software solutions (ARCEMS for air ambulances and ARCCTS for critical care transfer & retrieval teams).

Using a secure Bluetooth connection our customers can sync their Zoll X Series monitors with our software in just a few clicks. We’ll do the recording so you can spend more time with the patient instead of carrying out admin.

What’s more, even if your internet connection drops during a flight or transfer by road, our software will still be recording all of your data due to our offline data capture ability meaning you’ll never lose any patient data. This something other solutions on the market can’t offer (sorry not sorry for the #humblebrag!)

Zoll monitor and iPad showing the patient readings being pulled through into ARCEMS and ARCCTS software

We currently offer Bluetooth integration with the Zoll X Series of monitors and defibrillators but other monitor integrations are on our software roadmap (e.g. LIFEPAK® 15 & Corpuls3). If you use a monitor not mentioned, get in touch as chances are we’ll be able to integrate with it too.

If you would like to find out more about ARCEMS or ARCCTS and our monitor integrations get in touch via the form below.

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