How To Get Consistent Communication Across Your Service

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The key to success in any organisation is good communication and in the world of patient care this is particularly true. Excellent communication can result in clarity amongst clinicians so they know exactly what the current status of a patient is. Poor communication can create potential dangers, some of which we looked at in this previous blog post.

Improving Communication

One of the best ways of improving communication is to ensure that all staff are on the same page and using the same terminology/abbreviations as each other. But how can you get everyone speaking the same language (so to speak)?

One way of doing this is to move away from paper patient records and move towards electronic patient records (EPR’s).

By doing this you are removing the following pitfalls which can impact the clarity of communication:

  • Removes any issues around handwriting
  • Enforces users to input all required information leaving no gaps in a patient record
  • Ensures all data entered is consistent and not left open for different individual user’s interpretations

Consistency Is King

Let’s take a look at the last of these three points and explore how technology and an EPR solution can help services achieve the desired level of consistency.

With a software solution, the use of drop down lists creates three great benefits. One being that clinicians can fill out the ‘paperwork’ faster by selecting the necessary parts from drop down lists. The next benefit is that users are bound to what is in the list, meaning everyone is using the same terminology etc.

The final benefit that is created from a digital solution is that it makes reporting a lot easier. As users are picking from a set list of options, it means these can be easily extracted for any clinical governance reporting.

In our ARCEMS and ARCCTS software solutions we use intuitive forms throughout which includes drop-down lists, checkboxes, date selectors etc to keep everything consistent across the board.

iPad showing a Transfer Request referral form on ARCCTS

Customise It How You Want It

Moving in this direction where predefined drop down lists are used is great for consistency but you need to make sure you’re not limiting users. If for example, a certain type of intervention wasn’t present on a drop down list it could lead to the clinician either not recording the data or picking something similar which instantly impacts your data’s accuracy.

Fortunately, with EPR software (like ARCEMS & ARCCTS) you are able to fully configure the system and therefore have full control over what appears in drop-down lists including illness, intervention and injury types. You can also customise which drugs are on your administration list and specify the dosage too, therefore allowing your users to enter exactly what they need in a consistent manner across your entire service.

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