Air Ambulance Week 2021

Air ambulance in flight

This week marks the annual Air Ambulance Week organised by Air Ambulances UK (6th to 12th September).

The aim of this week is to shine a spotlight on the great work the various air ambulance charities across the UK do each and every day. It is also aiming to boost awareness that they are charities and in need of donations to continue to operate. As they are charities they don’t receive any Government funding so the finances needed to fly the helicopters every day comes entirely from donations.

Across the United Kingdom, air ambulances attend an average of 80 incidents every single day making a real difference to patient treatment. The speed at which they can respond, the distances they can cover and the locations they can get to make them a vital part of responding to emergencies.

Pandemic Affected

Everybody has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic since 2019 and air ambulance charities have been hit hard too.

The Great North Air Ambulance estimated that they lost more than £100,000 a month because of the pandemic. This is due to the cancellation of various fundraising events due to public safety concerns.

However now restrictions are lifting they are looking to boost donations via fundraising events such as the Race to the Base and Power Up.

The Part We Play

Here at Surge MedTech we are extremely proud to play a small part in the world of air ambulances with our ARCEMS software.

Our software allows HEMS teams to securely and easily complete prehospital patient care records anywhere and gives our customers everything required for comprehensive and accurate compliance, reporting and auditing. The ease with which they can access this data helps our customers to learn from previous missions and continuously improve patient care – which you can read about in this case study. 

Knowing that our software helps make a difference when it comes to the speed of recording patient data and therefore allows for more hands-on patient time for the paramedic really motivates our team every day.

We also like to get involved and help raise money for our customers. In March we took part in the Race to the Base challenge raising over £450 for the Great North Air Ambulance Service. This challenge involved having to complete 130 miles each during the month of March (130 miles being the distance from the RVI Newcastle to both of the GNAAS airbases and back again).

How You Can Help

If you would like to make a donation to one of our customers please check out our Tech for Good page which contains details on the great work they do and links to their donations pages.

And finally with some big events coming up (e.g. The Great North Run and the Manchester Marathon) if you see anyone running for an air ambulance charity please drop them a donation as it really does make a big difference to the work they do.

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